Graviner Oil Mist Detection is part of UTC Fire & Security, one of the world's largest groups of fire protection technology companies.

The Graviner Oil Mist Detector is installed on thousands of ships worldwide, protecting diesel engines from hazardous crankcase explosions.

Crankcase explosions due to ignition of oil mist can be disastrous to both crew and vessel, so marine safety equipment on board must be capable of dealing with a possible hazard in seconds. The disaster on the Reina del Pacifico in 1947 where 28 people were killed by simultaneous explosion in all engines the British Ship Research Association as a result of this asked Graviner to develop a system to mitigate the problem and so the oil Mist detection system was born. Since then the Graviner Oil Mist Detector System has been used to monitor oil mist levels on many thousands of merchant ships and has been supplied to almost every ship-owning nation. To do this, we develop and supply advanced fire and safety products and systems, supported by first class service.

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